missional community groups

The way we do groups at Disciples Church sees us aiming to involve everyone in the life of the church with the mission of the church.

And so, our groups are more than a bible study or a social gathering. We describe our Missional Community Groups as being the ‘engine room’ of ministry because this is where every member can participate in evangelism, discipleship and caring for one-another.

In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul describes a model of ministry where the leaders of the church equip and empower God’s people to do His work and build up the church - the body of Christ. This is why we’ve added the word ‘missional’ to Community Groups, because it’s our groups that are the frontline of the ministry Jesus has called us to.
“MCGs are not glamorous. They get us involved in the hard yards of ministry. Most peoples’ lives are messy, and most of us indulge in selfishness more often than not. So, being in an MCG means I am surrounded by people who want me to grow to be more like Jesus, and to help me share the Good News of Jesus with others.”
Being in a Missional Community Group provides the dynamic framework for seeking first the Kingdom of God. We work together to fulfil the Great Commission, while seeking to obey the Great Commandment.

Our Missional Community Groups connect with many not-yet believers. Our aim is to get alongside people so they not only hear the Gospel, but they see it lived out in our lives.

The mission of Disciples Church is to make disciples, mature disciples and multiply disciples. It’s in our Missional Community Groups that this mission is lived out, as God works in us and through us, for His glory.