Music is an important part of any church service. This is how we approach it at Disciples Church:

The music that is sung during our worship services is to give honour and praise to God, and to edify and encourage everyone present in the service. Our music is modern, with lyrics designed to simply reflect our worship of God, what God has done for us, and our commitment to following and serving Him.

We hope to create a musical atmosphere that's emotionally fervent but only to the extent that it heightens our awareness of God's majesty. If the musical experience trumps our response to the God we're singing about, then it's idolatry, not worship. It's a fine balance and because we're all unique personalities by God's design, finding it in the midst of a community of believers requires a great deal of sensitivity and deference.

We are blessed with gifted musicians to lead the music in our worship services.

Here are links to playlists of some of the songs we're currently singing:

  • DC Current Music - Youtube Playlist
  • DC Current Music - Spotify Playlist
  • DC Current Music - Apple Music Playlist

Here is a Playlist for your kids:

  • DC Kids Music - Youtube Playlist
  • DC Kids Music - Spotify Playlist
  • DC Kids Music - Apple Music Playlist

Here are some books to help you live a life of worship:

  • Sing!

    Keith & Kristyn Getty

  • Awe - Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do

    Paul David Tripp

  • My Rock; My Refuge

    My Rock My Refuge
    Timothy Keller

  • The Religious Affections

    The Religious Affections
    Jonathan Edwards

  • The Valley of Vision

    The Valley of Vision
    Blanche Mary Kelly

Here is an explanation of our music philosophy for church services: